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NAOCE’s Celebration of SJTU’s 120th Birthday


  8 April, 2016 marks the 120th anniversary of the founding of the SJTU. More than 1,700 alumni and alumnae of the NAOCE, coming from all across the nation,  gathered at the SJTU to celebrate this anniversary.


  A galaxy of the NAOCE-related guests made an appearance at the SJTU‘s 120th Anniversary Ceremony held on the morning of 8 April. Xuhua Huang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, made a speech on behalf of the overall alumni and alumnae. As the general designer of China’s first generation nuclear attack submarine and strategic nuclear-powered missile submarine, 92-year-old Mr. Huang recollected his school life at the SJTU and shared his uneven stories in the midst of developing China‘s first-generation submarine.

      Assoc Prof. Yongkang Cao, who has been fully committed to the protection and passing-on of architectural heritage in the past 15 years, was awarded “SJTU President Award”. Mr. Jiongrong Wu, admitted to Department of Mechanics in 1985, was awarded “Siyuan Merit Award”. As ex-chairman of SJTU Alumni Committee in Hong Kong, Mr. Xiudian Zhou, who graduated from the Department of Shipbuilding in 1958, was awarded “Siyuan Excellence Award”. Mr. Jinzhi Huang, first head of the Department of Civil Engineering after restoration, and Mr. Wenqing Shi who graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering in 1994, were awarded “Siyuan Commemoration Award”.

  In the afternoon, Prof. Jianmin Yang, dean of the NAOCE, gave a general introduction to the NAOCE from the perspective of academic faculty, experimental base and international exchange. He also provided an in-depth overview of the development orientations and achievements of the five disciplines subordinate to the NAOCE.



     During the visit to the modern laboratories built by the NAOCE, the alumni and alumnae, who were proud to see the advanced experimental equipment and the latest research achievements, exchanged their working experience with the laboratory staff enthusiastically.

  In addition to the alumni seminars respectively held by the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Mechanics, a range of other activities were held to promote the close interaction between the alumni representatives and current students, including Seminar on Technological Innovation of High-speed Train, Alumni Advisor Seminar (launched by the 1985 graduates of the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering) and Scholarship Award Ceremony (sponsored by the 1985 graduates of the Department of Civil Engineering).



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